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Sessions start with a free initial consultation, during this consultation we will discuss your goals, medical conditions, set out the bench marks to monitor your progress through various fitness testing that is suitable for your needs, once we have this all established, we then work out a plan of action for you to achieve these goals.

During each session it is very hard to say what we will be doing as everyone has different needs goals and abilities, 


Sessions can last from 20mins to 90mins 

Now you have a few more decision to make


How much time can you commit to nutrition and training? whether its 20 minutes a day or 5 hours a week the choice is yours.


How long do you want each training session to be?

I offer to do various training sessions from 20 minutes to 90 minutes 


Who is coming? you, you and a friend or a group?


Now you need to decided where to train? please click on the where to train button to see where I could train you.

Still not sure, then send me an email or look me up on facebook for a chat. 

Session times availability 

Available, between Tuesday - Friday from 0930am to 1:30pm, and from 6:15pm onwards, plus

some weekends available on request. 

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