Personal training sessions


We start with an initial consultation, during this consultation we will discuss your goals, medical conditions, set out the bench marks to monitor your progress through various fitness testing that is suitable for your needs, once we have this all established, we then work out a plan of action for you to achieve these goals.


If you wish to skip the fitness testing and get straight to training that is also fine, we will however need to fill in a Physically active readiness questionnaire (PARq).


During each session it is very hard to say what we will be doing as everyone has different needs goals and abilities, generally speaking it would include a dynamic warm up, main session, cool down and post stretching all tailored to your individual needs.


Post stretching if you’re looking to improve flexibility then I can assist you with static stretching, PNF stretching or partner assisted stretching.


Now you have a few more decision to make


How much time can you commit to training? whether its 20 minutes a day or 5 hours a week the choice is yours.


How long do you want each training session to be?

I offer to do various trainng sessions from 20 minutes to 60 minutes 


Who is training? by yourself, with a friend or in a group?


Now you need to decided where to train? please click on the where to train button to see where I could train you.


Pro series 

These are design for people that have gym experience, & want to improve there exercise knowledge on the range of exercises that are possible, each sessions last between 15-30mins, plus its one on one with an experienced instructor there are 5 sessions to choose from

  1. Suspension trainer or TRX 

  2. Swissball

  3. Core stability 

  4. Stretching 

  5. Kettlebells

1. Suspension trainer or TRX

Develop by a former us navy seal, for exercises out in the field, the suspension trainer can used to enhance and make work out more challenging, from doing inverted rows, or pendulum swings to improve core strength. 


2. Swissballs 

Great tool in the gym, great for working those core muscles what else can you do with it? how about a bench press? 


3. Core stability 

Great one for looking to improve your core strength, not just your abs your whole core, through a variety of core exercises, everything from mat work to resistance bands. 

4. Stretching

This is something we don't seem to do enough of, so if your looking to improve your flexibility by be its a tight hamstring then this one for you, we do dynamic stretching, static partner assisted and PNF stretches to help improve your flexibility. 


5. Kettlebells 

Kettlebells are great, but a very under used tool we have in the gyms, you can use them for full body work outs or individual muscle groups, combining both cardio and weight training.  



This is not limited, you can use these as many times as you wish, each session is chargeable please see pricing or ask for more details  but once you have the knowledge you would need me. you can purchase each session individual or all 5 as a group, sessions are confirmed prior to commencing, and participant will need to have warmed up before session start time. sessions last between 15-30mins depending on the session.