Welcome to my Diet & Nutrition page

As we all know diet or the food that we consume are play a very important role in how we look, I can offer to do food diary assessments as part of your personal training package, this can be used to high light any red-flags within your diet to help you understand what you are consuming, whether your looking to lose weight or put weight why not give it a go you might be surprised

firstly eat clean - what do I mean by this? no processed foods, avoid sausages, chicken nuggets etc,  eat fresh fruit and veg, drink plenty of water to flush you system and keep hydrated, avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol, eat lean meats turkey is a great source or protein and is very low in fat.

secondly portion sizes is a big one, there are a couple of ways to reduce your portion sizes, you could use a smaller plate, you could separate out the bits on the plate so nothing overlaps. eat slowly so after every mouth full you put your knife and folk down and wait this allows time for the food to reach the stomach making you feel fuller

eat food that are high in fiber this way they are hard for the stomach to break down and if you feel hungry have a glass of water and it will expand the fibers making you feel fuller once again.

keep a food diary, just by righting down what you are consuming might highlight how much you are consuming then you can see what you are doing, plus make a note of the time, what you are doing, what your mood was to see if there are any triggers.

please feel free to contact me if your having issues with your diet so I can take a look to see if there is anything that I could suggest that might want to change