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Welcome to my Diet & Nutrition page

As we all know diet or the food that we consume play a very important role in how we look, the way we feel, the energy to keep a task, the mood we may been in, and the sleep we may get. 

As part of my coaching role, we will go over your food intake and workout together a meal plan, that you are part of, so we do a non diet way of dieting. 

So just to be clear, for my scope of practice, if you call me up and ask me to write you a meal plan the answer would be no, this is outside of my scope of practice, that is a dietitian's role.

If you call me up saying James I am having trouble with my diet and I want to loss/gain weight, then I can arrange a time to meet you, and go over your diet and come up with a plan together. this can be done via zoom, one to one, emails ect 


Food diary assessments, this can be used to high light any red-flags within your diet to help you understand what you are consuming, whether your looking to lose weight or put weight why not give it a go you might be surprised

please feel free to contact me if your having issues with your diet so I can take a look to see if there is anything that I could suggest that might want to change

Send me an email or look me up on facebook 

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