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Wellbeing Management &

Coaching Practices 

March 2024

New Zealand Certificate Exercise 

level 4 

February 2024

St Johns first aid 

3rd June 2023 - 3rd June 2025

Professional certificate of menu & meal planning 

October 2022

Fueling & Physical Activity/ Sports Nutrition for EPs 

September 2022

Mental Health & Trauma awareness

August 2022

Menu & meal planner introduction 

July 2022

Certificate of Human nutrition 

May 2022

Psychology, Behavior & Wellbeing 

September 2021


New Zealand Red cross revalidation 

Nutrition advice

April 2020

Nutrition & diet for exercise professionals

March 2020

HSR stage 1 

February 2020

New Zealand red cross first aid 

Aug 2019

St Johns Ambulance NZ

level 1 first aid

June 2017

Build your fitness business

September 2016

St Johns Ambulance Sports first aid UK

September 2016

Level 4 Lower back pain exercise Specialist March 2016 


Suspended Equipment Training  December 2014


GP and Exercise Referral  November 2014


Integrated Equipment Training  September 2014


Pre and post Natal Exercise

July 2014


Exercise for Ultimate fat loss

June 2014


Complete Kettlebells Training 

June 2014


Pre and Post Natal Nutrition 

March 2014


Advance Resistance Training

March 2014


Team ICG online stages

indoor cycling - Competitve

Febuary 2014


Team ICG online stages

indoor cycling - Stretching

January 2014


YMCAfit & Team ICG

Indoor cycling live

September 2013


YMCAfit & Team ICG - indoor cycling online stages 1&2 

September 2013


Personal Trainer Diploma

August 2013


Nutrition for Sport and Exercise- May 2012


Torso training and Core stability  January 2012


Circuit training 

November 2011


Nutrition and Weight management  October 2011


Gym Instructor 

March 2011


Client physiology and motivation  August 2010

What got me into fitness?

April 2023 I started at City fitness in Whangarei.

April 2021 Started at Snap Fitness in Whangarei, as Personal trainer, this was a great experience for me, the team at Snap are fantastic, unfortunately it was becoming to much being a stay at home dad working part time and running my coaching from the gym, so i decided to move away from snap and continue training from home to give me more flexibility in what I could offer my clients this also allowed me to completing more studying into menu and meal planning. 

April 2018 moved to Otangarei, in northland. 

in Feb 2017 I moved to Waipu, Northland, New Zealand.


In May 2015 I join the team at inspire as a gym instructor and personal trainer.

April 2014 I moved to West Sussex, to continue helping people get fitter and feel healthier. I am running local exercise class in Yapton at the village hall club room, every Wednesday form 10am.


In August 2013 I joined the Archers fitness team in Hitchin at the swim centre, this is the first opportunity I have had to use the qualifications I have achieved over the years, as a fitness consultant I now show people how to use the gym equipment safety and effectively, I tailor make exercise prescription programs on the fitness wellbeing system, I run fitness class legs bums & tums, abd attack, indoor cycling, stretch 'n' flex, boot camps and triple decker which are all part of Archers fitness centre class program, please see Archers fitness website for more details on what they have to offer, 

Since 2010, I have managed to lose a lot of weight I have lost over 14 kgs (that's 14 bags of sugar). I know how hard it can be to get motivated some days, I have been there, I have done it and I have also achieved the goals I set out to achieve.

Now I believe I can help you achieve your goals, whether this is weight loss, general fitness & toning up, or training for something bigger like the New York marathon. Send me an email lets see if I can help.

In 2010, I was fat, I was living and working overseas as a holiday rep partying hard, drinking lot's of booze and eating lot's of fast food, you will probably agree not the healthiest of life styles. I had limited access to gym facilities and exercise equipment as well as finding time to go to a gym seem like mission impossible, especially when I could either lying in bed all day , or go to the local bar on my day off these seemed more appealing at the time. I can remember one of my mates actually commenting saying 'Christ James even your back has fat'


At this point I decided to try to start training but with limited gym facilities it was not easy, so I joined future fit training ( and signed up for the diploma as a personal trainer. In August 2013, I qualified as a personal trainer. Please see qualifications tab for all the qualifications that I hold



Register of






2020.03.14 Nutrition & Diet for Exercise

Lets explore some of my qualifications


GP & exercise referral 

This allows me to work and train people with certain medical conditions, Such as:- 

Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension (High blood pressure), Dyslipidemia

Obesity and weight management 

Metabolic diseases (Diabetes)  

Pulmonary (Respiratory) disease 

COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)


Osteoporosis, low back pain, Arthritis & joint replacements 

Mental health 

Low back pain 

Leading on from the GP referral qualification I did a more in-depth train in people with low back pain. 

if you have any questions about any of my qualifications please drop me a line. 

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