How much does it cost?

This is a good question there are a couple of factors to consider, as you may have seen from the prevouis pages


Where do you want to train?

How long do you want to train for?

Who is training? by yourself or in a group?


With this in mind here are the prices I currently offer


Trial sessions 3 x 60 minute sessions $119.99 limited to one per client one time only.

1 x 60 minute one to one session - $45

12 session/weeks = $500 ($42 per session)*

24 sessions - 2 per week $1000*

36 sessions - 3 per week $1500*

Budget Training - You got time to train but have a tight budget, lets talk lets see what we can do. 

Online training session $15 usd or $23 NZD half hour slots

Partner Training - you and a friend add $10 per session


3 Day food diary assessment $60

Diet plan - $60 for one day


Please note prices are correct as of the 1st October 2019, if you already have an agreement with me these prices will not affect you unless you want them too.


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Cash payments are accepted in New Zealand dollars ,


if you wish to pay in a different currency please advise at least 24 hours prior to session to arrange the price, change will be issued in New Zealand dollars .


There will be no charge for customer wishing to pay by debit card or credit card


American express will be charged at 3%.


Paypal is also accepted please ask for details, charge at 0.5%


Bank transfers are accepted please ask for details.







Refunds will only be given for cancellations of more than 24 hours notice, under 24 hours notice each cancellation will be viewed on an individual basis, and refund may be issued depending on the circumstances.


When making a booking you are agreeing to the session the date is on, the time the sessions is at and the rate that is to be paid, anyone that does not show up will still be charged at the expected rate as the booking has been made.


Please cancel prior to the session, or you could be out of pocket for no reason. Transfer of bookings available on request.


Running late please let me know, please call me, sessions will start and finish at there allotted times


*Bulk sessions 

12, 24 or 36 sessions these are aimed at completing within 12 weeks, however i know that sometimes life can be difficult at times, so even thou the aim is to complete them within 12 weeks I do allow upto six months to complete these session by

first session is still free, as it usual an assessment and a bit of a play to see what your fitness experiences are, so it the sessions you book and the first one as an extra. 

payment for these is upfront, however you have upto 3 sessions to cancel (free session plus 3 more sessions) if you deicide its not for you and you wish to cancel the sessions on the third session, you will only be charged for the sessions you have used at the one hour session rate, and the remained will be refunded to you within 7days, so for example if you purchase the 12 sessions, for $500 and you cancel on the third session you would be refunded $365

I do ask for 24hours notice to change or cancel sessions, if you do not turn up to a session you forefit that session, if I don't turn up for a session, I will rearrange the session and give you an extra session. if its a last minute change this will be, consider on an individual basis, any questions on these conditions please feel free to message me. 

email : mobile : 021 087 53 209  (call or text) facebook : james championpt

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